Things to know about manufacturer warranties

Did you purchase a new appliance within the last year or looking to purchase a new appliance? That’s exciting! Here are a few tips in case you do find yourself needing warranty service.

1.       Keep your receipt! – All manufacturers require a copy of the original proof of purchase to verify coverage. They may request you send it to them before authorizing service, or they may have the technician take a picture of it while in your home. Either way, you are not guaranteed that any repair will be covered without a valid proof of purchase.

2.       Know what is covered and what is not covered - Manufacturer defects are always covered, however, there are other things that do happen that are not covered. Some things that are generally not covered are:

a.       Installation problems: problems with water supply, water drainage, or electrical supply. Poor airflow, unit was not installed level, unit located in too hot or too cold of an environment.

b.       Physical damage: scratches, dings, dents, jars, or breakage that is not a result of a defect in materials from the manufacturer.

c.       Use of an appliance for other than it is designed: Using a residential appliance in a commercial setting. Overloading a machine.

d.       Customer education: Before you call for service, make sure you are pressing the buttons in the right sequence, make sure you are using the correct amount of detergent, make sure you are loading the machine properly. If you aren’t sure, read the owner’s manual or call the manufacturer’s customer support line.

e.       Service visits for no problem found – Before you call for service, make sure you will be able to duplicate the problem while the technician is in the home. If the technician is unable to see any fault with the unit, the service call is generally not covered.

3.       Some components have extended coverage – Sometimes certain components, mostly major ones will have a part warranty that extends for 2, 3 5, or even 10 years even though the rest of the machine is only 1 year. These can be components such as compressors, motors, or stainless-steel tubs. Check your owner’s manual or call the manufacturers customer support line for details.

4.       Technicians are not employees of the manufacturer- Our technicians, like most field service technicians across the country, are not directly employed by the manufacturer. We are considered a contractor for the manufacturer. We are happy to help you by completing any covered warranty work, but we have no leverage when it comes to anything beyond the assigned repair such as extending warranty coverage, making commitments on behalf of the manufacturer or processing a product exchange.


We are happy to help you by completing any repair covered by one of the 13 manufacturers we are factory authorized for. Unfortunately, we have no leverage when it comes to anything not expressly covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. We are happy to answer any questions, but we can not guarantee any service visit will be covered by any manufacturer prior to our technician completing diagnostics and verifying a covered failure with the appliance. Our office staff and technicians have already invested time effort and travel to get a well-trained technician to your home, so we do require our minimum trip charge be paid if our technician is unable to verify a covered failure.