How much will it cost to repair my appliance?

  • There are so many different models of appliances that have been built throughout the years, it is virtually impossible for us to know what product you have and what the problem actually is without looking at it and having an opportunity to accurately diagnose it. We truly need to see what you actually have, be able to identify the failure, find the correct part(s) and give you an honest quote.

Why do you have 4-hour time-frames? Why can’t you give me an exact time?

  • On most days, our techs run 8-10 jobs in a day and they drive from one job to the next. Many things can affect our techs timing such as:

    • Distance/drive time between jobs

    • How long it takes to complete each repair

    • How many questions customers have for the tech

    • Traffic/weather/road conditions

    • Last minute cancellations

  • With 4-hour time-frames, we are able to arrive on-time over 95% of the time.

I have a warranty on my product, can you do work under that?

  • We do work with a variety of manufacturers, extended warranty companies and home warranty companies. In most cases you are required to contact the warranty administrator first and they will provide us with authorization to repair your product.

  • PLEASE NOTE: Most warranties do not cover trips for installation related problems or trips with no defect found. We recommend you read your warranty and troubleshooting in your manual to avoid our $75 trip/diagnostics charge.

Will you bill me for the repair?

  • No. Once the repair is complete (or declined) our tech is prepared to collect cash, check or credit card while on site. They can email you a receipt.

  • If the owner will not be home while our tech is on site, we can email an invoice that can be paid online prior to the tech completing the repair.