With our company’s core values being honesty and integrity, Appliance Works was established in 2009 to fill a need in the Mankato area. We wanted to be the independent appliance service people could trust for an honest diagnosis and fair rates to repair their appliances. We focus solely on service and do not sell any appliances. Too often, many of the dealers that provide service simply train their "technicians" to go out and deem an appliance non-repairable so they can sell the customer a new appliance. We wanted to change that by providing high-quality professional service with knowledgeable technicians that have all the resources necessary to accurately diagnose and repair all appliances correctly the first time rather than throwing it away.


Our Guarantee

When we complete a repair on your appliance, we want you to have peace of mind so we provide you with a 1-year guarantee. For 1-year from the date of repair completion, if you are experiencing the same or a similar problem, we will return to your home at no cost, and diagnose the failure. If it is a problem with the part we installed or our workmanship, we will repair it at no cost to you. If it is a different failure, we will price it at our lower rates as if we had completed that repair at the same time of the first repair. You can't lose! 


Our service fee (trip/diagnosis) $75.00

We charge one flat rate for any service call regardless of the product needing repair. The service call includes getting our technician to your home and however long it takes them to perform troubleshooting, complete diagnostics and accurately diagnose the failure with your specific unit. We will then be able to give you an exact quote for what it will take for us to complete the repair. At this point you are welcome to accept or reject that quote. If you accept it, the service fee is applied to the repair cost and we will then complete the repair. If you reject it, you pay the service fee have no further obligation. It's that simple!